Our Story

We feel every fashion story has a voice, and that voice should be heard, whether in a shout or a whisper. Fashion needs to be more than just something you put on, it is a statement of your individuality, an expression of mood and flavor.  Our luxury online-only store makes shopping for designer goodies all too easy. Filled with lust-inducing labels including Michael Kors, Furla, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs, we cater to the ever changing fashion world. Even if all you do is fantasy shop on your lunch hour, and get no further than the ‘add to cart page’, Design Her Boutique is sure to influence your personal style with just one click. Fashion moves fast, and you can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when you hit the high street on a Saturday afternoon. We know we do. We want to help keep the fun in fashion, keep you up to date with the latest trends – and keep your cool in the changing room.


In 2009, our founder started an eBay store selling a highly curated selection of luxury pieces, both vintage and new. In just five short years, with over 7500 positive experiences, the shop has grown to become an international style source offering both new and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories, including our flagship store still on Ebay as well as one on Amazon, and the brand new shiny store here. 

We are here for you! No matter the amount of your order, your budget, or your needs, we strive to make every shopping experience a memorable and hassle free one. We are committed to customer service in every aspect of your experience, before, during, or after your sale!